10 Factors to Consider when Buying Villa in Dubai


Villa community living is a preferred option for many in Dubai and if you are thinking of buying one of your own in the city it’s important that you consider some crucial factors.

These attributes can not only make your big investment a profitable one but also make your stay in your abode pleasurable and comfortable. Here are 10 important factors that will bring about some clarity, making you more confident with your ultimate purchase decision.

#1 Location and neighbourhood

Location is the key as it will remain one constant until the end of time. Firstly, consider the proximity of public transportation such as the Dubai Metro or perhaps a tram station within walking distance.

Self-contained living communities make for an ideal home so if you have children, research the closest nurseries and schools in the neighbourhood. Locate the closest supermarket, pharmacy, clinic, shopping centre, petrol station and all other amenities that you will require. Ideally, a villa community should have its own retail centre with many outlets.

If it’s an off-plan development, the reputation of the developer, property prices and the quality of construction should give you a considerable idea.

#2 Credentials of the developer

What is the quality of the developer’s previous projects? Do they deliver excellence? Do they meet or surpass what they have promised? Based on personal or friends’ past experiences, are they trustworthy? What is their track record for after-sale care and maintenance?

These are questions that should be answered before you go ahead with any monetary transactions.

A good property developer doesn’t just sell you a property and end the relationship there. They’ll cater to your needs and ensure that your decision is best for you. Do some first-hand research and attain referrals.

#3 Quality of property/construction

What sets apart a genuine property-developer from others is the quality of the property offered.

While some properties come as shell and core units, others, for the same price per square foot, offer wall fittings, marble flooring, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, smart home systems and more, with the developers absorbing extra costs for your benefit.

A high quality, well-structured property will surely prevent you from facing major expenses so definitely consider these issues.

#4 Size

Most people when looking for a house do not factor in the long term and how demands might change.

You might be a young couple and hence you need little space, however, in a few years you might have a couple of little ones to take care of, relatives visiting often or parents living with you.

Factor these possibilities in when looking for a place. Also, prefer a property with all en-suite bedrooms.

Large, spacious townhouses or villas contribute to a more comfortable living. Enormous windows allowing bright sunlight to flood in would accentuate the spaciousness of the rooms.

#5 View

It would be hard to enjoy your morning coffee on a weekend, gazing through the window at power lines or at the fish market.

Imagine instead looking out at a fresh stream of flowing water while listening to birds chirping perched on nearby trees.

Although the view may not seem as most important, a view of water and greenery adds some sparks and wonder to one’s daily routine and melts the stress away.

#6 Service charges

Recurring monthly or yearly costs must be taken into consideration, including electricity and service charge.

Keep in mind that certain reoccurring expenses will take place post-purchase for maintaining the community. Set some cash aside for these minor expenses.

Contrary to popular belief, villa service charges are usually much lower on a per square foot basis than apartments.

#7 Maintenance standards

When contemplating buying the right house, ensure that the villa complex uses a reputable maintenance agency.

Imagine how tedious it would be trying to find a suitable maintenance person to come fix a faucet that decided to burst at 5am.

Find out about their availability and cleaning services provided. How often and well are community areas cleaned?

More importantly, ensure that your safety is a priority – find out if smart home technology is offered in villas and townhouses, and what security systems are in place?


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