Four major types of coffee maker exist in the world today. These coffee makers are listed as follows: the stove top, the vacuum, the drip and the French press. Making coffee with these different types of coffee makers usually depends on a whole lot of things which include the amount of coffee and the time you have available. If you have different types of coffee tastes these different types of coffee makers will help you make your particular brew of coffee at home.

Drip coffee makers

These sorts of coffee makers are usually the easiest coffee makers to find and they are the most common. They are usually quite simple in design and they are also quite efficient as well. The machine carries out most of the hard work; all you really have to do is add coffee that is freshly grounded and cold water as well to the mix. Using the drip coffee method is quite efficient because all it entails is you putting some cold water into the reservoir. The heating element will do the rest and heat the water for brewing. You can have your coffee ready in a very short time. Paper filters are usually used to hold any coffee grounds that are left over and make it easy to clean up. A drip coffee machine burner will ensure that the coffee remains hot for a long time after it has been brewed.

Vacuum style coffee makers

People have been using vacuum style coffee makers to make coffee very since the mid 1800’s. The coffee maker is made by creating two types of separate glass containers that are placed on top one another. All the brewing usually takes place in the topmost container. The lower section of the vacuum style coffee maker is usually filled with cold water. What is then done is that this water is heated up to a boiling point. A siphon can then be used to remove the hot water from the lower section of the vacuum style coffee maker. This passes through the grounds of coffee and into the top section. Coffee then moves back into the lower section while the grounds remain on top. This way coffee is instantly available when you remove the top section. Most people usually opt for the vacuum style brewing of coffee rather than choosing drip coffee brewing in order to avoid the taste of drip coffee paper filters.

Stovetop coffee makers

These types of coffee makers are usually styled similar to the vacuum style coffee maker. They consist of two separate stacked pits but in this case the grounds and cold water are usually kept together in the same container. When you’re using the stovetop the final brewed coffee will be in the second container. What the lower container holds is the water as well as the ground coffee and the filter basket. The lower container is usually heated properly which then forces the water past the grounds. The coffee then gets siphoned from the lower container to the top container. Because of the unique shape of this coffee maker it is usually preferred by people who like a unique look for their coffee makers. Stovetop coffee makers aren’t usually required for people who need to serve a large group of people. Another thing that should be noted when preparing the coffee is that the water shouldn’t boil. This usually leads to coffee that tastes bitter.


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